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Salashi/ Julia Mensch (ARG)

Julia Mensch (ARG) was a K.A.I.R. resident in Košice in summer 2012. Salashi is an exhibition presenting outcomes of her artistic investigation in progress into the history of Communism, which deals with the private and political life of her grandparents, Rafael and Isabel. Book Salashi documenting her research will be launched during the exhibition. The […]

Kristina Forbat as a Košice Chronicler

Kristina Forbat (GER) has just arrived to Košice and she is full of energy and enthusiasm to document the city, its inhabitants and the events happening here. Besides this she will follow a specific topic dealing with a community of Carpathian Germans who came to Slovakia between the 12th and the 15th century. She would be also […]

Vitalii Kokhan: Indeed For a While

During his Košice residency which took two months Vitalii Kokhan (UA) worked on art objects which are presented in frame of an exhibition called Indeed For a While. The opening will be held on the 20th of March from 18:00 at Strojárenská 3, Košice. The exhibition will be opened during the week days from 16:00 until 20:00 […]

Open Studios Night

It is our pleasure to invite you for the very first K.A.I.R. Open Studios Night which will take place on the 10th of October from 18:00 in the studios of K.A.I.R., Strojarenská 3, Košice, Slovakia. Current residents will present their work and also the overall experience of staying in Košice. During informal talks, screenings and guided tours the visitors will […]

Optical stories from distant lands

Radovan Cerevka Exhibition in Halle14, Leipzig The title of the residential project is related to the characteristic feature of all the works presented. This is the selected story or topic related to the remote depressed area (Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria ..) and images taken from the media (Infograph, text, photos and videos from YouTube) which are […]


Lost exhibitions – Vadim Tziganasj (MD)

The final artwork from our resident Vadim Tziganasj from Moldova has been shown during Alt 30 festival in Cabiny the 4thand 5thof august. For the occasion, Vadim Tziganajs changed an old store into a gallery, reflecting his views on the situation of cultural institutions in Slovakia. Please read the text by Vadim Tziganajs. This residency […]