Anna Mária Trávničková

Šopa Gallery, Hlavná 40, Košice 6.9. 2018 at 4 p.m.

Workšopa – Future Memories / Blanka Győri

Blanka is a Budapest based artist who is currently on a residency stay within project K.A.I.R. Košice Artist in Residence. Her current project deals with future fantasies, desires, and also her doubts and anxieties regarding the coming years and now she would like to invite you to join us on her workshop which she will […]

Residency: September - October 2018

Eduard Klena (SVK)

Eduard Klena is an interdisciplinary artist who does videos, short films and paintings, focusing on details and using mostly acrylic colors who’s going to participate on 6-week residency stay in September in Ukraine, the first month he will spend in the space of NAZAR VOITOVYCH ART RESIDENCE in Travnen and the rest of her stay […]

Residency: September - October 2018

Denisa Slavkovská (SVK)

Denisa Slavkovská was born in Poprad and she finished her studies at the Studio of Graphics and Experimental Art under the guidance of professor PhDr. Peter Rónai at the Faculty of Fine Arts. During her studies, she participated in many internships, abroad and in Slovakia, the first year of master’s studies she spent on ASP […]

Residency: September 2018

Katarzyna Kamecka (PL)

Katarzyna Kamecka is a polish dancer who comes from Wroclaw and she’s going for a 3-week residency stay in Košice. There she studied culturology,  worked with the local community at the college and danced at the Academy of New Dance and Contact Improvisation led by Milan and Zuna Kozánek. Currently, she is busy with physical […]

Šopa Gallery, Hlavná 40, Košice 20.8. 2018 at 7p.m.

Open Studios Night vol. 7 w/ special guest and live show

At the 7th edition of Open Studios Night will introduce themselves Anežka Hošková (CZ), Blanka Gyori (HU) and a special guest Anders Grønlien with a live set from Norway. As always you will have an opportunity to meet our residency artists, chat with them a little bit and find out what are they planning to […]

Residency: July - September 2018

Blanka Gyori (HU)

Blanka Gyori (*1989) is a Hungarian artist, based in Budapest whose work you could have seen at many exhibitions – solo and group ones. She finished her studies in 2015 at the Department of Painting at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and most of her works are dealing with identity building, time and recollection. […]