Anna Mária Trávničková

Šopa Gallery / Košice Artist in Residence, Hlavná 40, Košice 14.5.2022 from 5 pm

Night of Museums and Galleries in Šopa Gallery and KAIR

17.00 – 22.00 – last opening of the exhibition Ještě než promluví 18.00 – 18.30 – introduction of the Monograph of Svetlana Fialová’s in the East Slovak Gallery by Katarína Rybnická 19.00 – 20.00 – Open Studios Night with Polina Shcherbyna, Krystyna Melnyk and curator Jan Van Woensel As part of the Night of Museums […]

Residency: April - June 2022

Polina Shcherbyna (UA)

Polina Shcherbyna is a visual contemporary artist, born in Kyiv, where she graduated from the National Academy of Arts and Architecture of NAOMA, and studied in the studio of painting and temple culture named after Professor MA Storozhenko.  Untitled, 2021 – from the series Half of the personality (2017-2022), non-primed canvas, acrylic technical paste, balloon, […]

Residency: April - June 2022

Krystyna Melnyk (UA)

Krystyna Melnyk is a Ukrainian artist, living and working in Kyiv. She mainly focuses on the media of painting which she studied at the National Academy of Arts and Architecture in Kyiv (2019). Krystyna Melnyk’s work is dominated by figurativeness and corporeality, through which she develops mainly sacral themes. She is interested in the motif […]

Šopa Gallery / Košice Artist in Residence, Hlavná 40, Košice 11.4.2022 at 7pm


Artist talk and presentation of projects by Maksym Khodak and Mark Chehodaiev, Ukrainian artists and residents of KAIR Košice Artist in Residence

Deadline: 27th of March 2022

Open Call for Ukrainian artists – Košice, Slovakia

KAIR Košice Artist in Residence offers a three-month residency for visual or interdisciplinary artists, curators, researchers from Ukraine, which will take place from April till June 2022 in Košice, Slovakia. The aim is to create opportunities for life and work in Košice, providing a safe and caring environment. Women are welcome along with the children.

Residency: February - March 2022

Mark Chehodaiev (UA)

Mark Chehodaiev (*1997, Kyiv) is a Ukrainian multimedia artist, who is currently studying in Vienna, Austria. In his artistic practice,  he works mainly with space and relationships in space, through which he develops his key themes of presence and memory. He is interested in how the general context coexists with personal experience and in his often performative projects he is collaborating with other artists or spectators.