Category: Current

Residency: May - June 2024

Kitti Gosztola a Bence György Pálinkás (HU)

Kitti Gosztola and Bence György Pálinkás are an artist duo Wild Garden Utopia who have been working together since 2016 on projects that focus on the perception and representation of the so-called invasive alien species. Their workshops, installations, videos, and audio works tell stories of green xenophobia, eco-patriotism, the various notions of utility, and ways […]

Residency: April - June 2024

Kinga Bartniak (PL)

Kinga Bartniak is a visual researcher, graphic designer, and educator based in Wrocław in Poland. She earned her degree in graphic design at Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław and later completed a doctorate in media art, specializing in exploring the intersection of labour and leisure. Currently, as a lecturer at her alma […]

Residency: April - May 2024

Kasha Potrohosh (UA)

Kasha Potrohosh is a Ukrainian artist currently based in Bratislava and Ostrava. Graduating from the Intermedia Department at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, she navigates the realms of intermedia projects with an attention to social critique. In addition to her solo projects, she plays an active role in the MAPSN performance […]

Residency: March - May 2024

Beáta Kolbašovská (SK)

Beáta Kolbašovská is a new media artist from Slovakia. She holds an MFA at the Technical University in Košice in the New Media Studio and at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux, France. She focuses on site-specific installation, live visuals, multimedia performance, vjing, video mapping, and video installation. She is the co-founder of the visual […]

Residency: February - March 2024

Kay Yoon (KR)

Kay Yoon is a Korean artist who lives and works between Munich and Seoul. Her artistic practice explores the connections between the human body, rituals and their biological processes in relation to spatial contexts. Yoon’s restrained, minimalist aesthetic is influenced by her awareness of the tension between nature and culture.

Residency: February - March 2024

Patrícia Chamrazová (SVK)

Patrícia Chamrazová is a media artist who often moves in her artistic practice from the abstract to the organic, from the conceptual to the intuitive or from science to metaphysics.