Ognjen Tadić – Leshy / workshop for kids

Kino Úsmev 22.6.2019 / 5 - 7 p.m.

22nd of June at 5 – 7 p.m.

Location: Kino Úsmev

The first workshop dedicated to children will focus on developing their creativity as a game with identity. Children will design and create their own Leshy, guardian of the forest, a creature from Slavic mythology. Together we will make masks of various shapes and colors by adding various components that children collect in nature or bring them from home.

The workshop will last for about two hours, and as a bonus, we can enjoy a great home-made chocolate pudding!

Ognjen Tadić (*1996) belongs to the upcoming generation of Serbian artists and currently is studying photography at the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Novi Sad. The topics in Ognjen’s work are as much personal as universal. He largely focuses on the aspects of the game by creating bizarre characters and unpredictable situations.

The workshop will be in English language and is suitable for kids 6 – 10 years old.

Capacity is limited to 6 children.

It is necessary to register for the workshop at least one day in advance by sending an email to annamaria.travnickova@kair.sk

Children can attend the workshop only with the parent. The parent is responsible for the child.

The price of the workshop is for FREE.

The residency program is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council. The stay is also supported by Creative Industry Košice. The residency is organized in cooperation with Plants AIR, the program of Novi Sad 2021. The outcome of this residency is organized in cooperation with Kino Úsmev.