Nóra Szabó – Artist Lecture

Fakulta Umení TUKE, Poslucháreň F13, Watsonova 4 14.10.2023 10.00

The artist lecture dives into the process and results of three months of artist residency organized by Kair residency, Kosice. The lecture will guide you through a complex range of topics; the forming of the karst caves and how their appearance resembles to the human body, the pattern recognition theory which describes how we perceive objects in general, laser scanning technology which can give us insight on our environment from whole new perspective, bog bodies mummification through chemical reaction by nature and the art of making 3d printed sculptures.

Nóra Szabó is a Hungarian artist who is currently pursuing her PhD at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest. Szabó focuses on the representation of the human body in the context of technological advancements. Through combining traditional techniques like plaster casting with digital media such as 3D printing her art reflects the hybrid nature of our contemporary existence, where artificial technology and organic elements intertwine. Through her thought-provoking compositions, Szabó challenges conventional notions of human representation and invites viewers to contemplate the evolving relationship between humanity and technology.

Her research includes a dive into the possibilities of contemporary visual representations of the human body in relation to current technological developments, explored within a system of post-human theories. The hypothesis of this intervention is that the natural body undergoes a change in its encounter with artificial materials, whereby the concept of the human body increasingly converges towards a heterogeneous composition that can be represented visually through the combined use of analogue and digital materials.

The residency program is supported using public funding by the Slovak Arts Council. Slovak Arts Council is the main partner of this project.

The project is also supported by City Košice.