Markéta Dlouhá – Stopy, ktoré miznú

Park Anička 29.4. 2023 at 7 p.m.


Art project in the landscape: 29.4. 2023 at 19.00 / Anička Park
Curator: Tatiana Takáčová


Markéta Dlouhá’s art project Stopy, ktoré miznú is strongly related to the Degrowth concept. During Saturday’s event, we will discover ephemeral light objects in the landscape, mainly made up of plant materials that Markéta collected directly in our meadows during her two-month residency.

For her, objects become a metaphor for constant transformation. Like the surrounding meadows, the forest itself is subject to time, external influences and constant transformation. Accepting this process is like accepting mortality. The metaphor shows how seemingly dead structures can be reused as valuable material from which new forms can emerge. In the same way, the slow transformation of plant fibre and the use of seeds take on a secondary value – fertilizing the soil and enriching the local ecosystem.

The decay of shapes over time is unpredictable, interacting with the environment, weather conditions, humidity and chance. The project explores themes of death and destruction as part of new compositions and the creative process.

Markéta Dlouhá is a Czech artist whose work focuses on personal narratives and ecology through the creation of books, graphics, poetry, drawings, embroidery and light installations. Her eco-friendly approach to art involves upcycling and recycling materials, including making paper from old clothes, plant fibers and waste paper. She also uses ecological printing inks and experiments with natural pigments that she collects herself.

She studied drawing and artistic graphics at the University of Ostrava and continued her studies in artistic graphics at the University of Gdańsk. Her works have been part of various group and solo exhibitions at home and abroad, and her ecological approach to printing has resulted in several collaborations with artists and ecological fashion brands. Currently, she is focusing on building her own papermaking and graphic arts studio in the Czech Republic.

This residency is supported by the Creative Europe programme. The residency program is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

The residency is organized in collaboration with Meet Factory in the Czech Republic, hablarenarte: in Spain and Visual Culture Research Center, in Ukraine.