Category: Past

Residency: November - December 2022

Pau Saiz Soler (ESP)

Pau Saiz Soler (*1990) is an artist and designer from Barcelona who will be working together with Nikola Ivanov for the next two months as part of a media art residency and the Art&Tech Days festival. Soler studied product design and later worked as an industrial designer for several years. In 2018 he moved to […]

Residency: September - October

Ahmad BaBa (LEB)

Ahmad BaBa is a Lebanese visual and performance artist based in Berlin. His work is rooted in critical interdisciplinarity and anti-oppressive practices. With a performing arts background and currently working towards his MA in Dance and Movement Therapy, Ahmad focuses on developing embodied arts and therapeutic processes.

Residency: September - October

Magid (PS/JO)

Magid (they/them) are a visual artist who focuses on taboo and culturally sensitive issues, such as mental illness, sexual assault, family honor, and queerness.

Residency: July - August 2022

Nastya Didenko (UA)

Nastya Didenko (*1994) is a Ukrainian artist living and working in Kyiv. In her artistic practice, she deals with the topics of the position of artists in society, re-evaluation of post-Soviet traumas and precariousness. She expresses these theses through the medium of painting, installation and photography. In 2017 she graduated from the studio of Painting […]

Residency: July - August 2022

Valeriia Mirhorodchenko (UA)

Valeriia Mirhorodchenko (UA) is a visual artist from Mykolaiv. In her work, she focuses on the physicality and reflection of inner experiences and their multifaceted nature. She combines different types of media, from media formats to decorative arts. Valeria studied at the “Mykolaiv college of culture and art” at the faculty of arts and crafts (2014-2018). […]

Residency: April - June 2022

Polina Shcherbyna (UA)

Polina Shcherbyna is a visual contemporary artist, born in Kyiv, where she graduated from the National Academy of Arts and Architecture of NAOMA, and studied in the studio of painting and temple culture named after Professor MA Storozhenko.  Untitled, 2021 – from the series Half of the personality (2017-2022), non-primed canvas, acrylic technical paste, balloon, […]