Final presentation of Bruno del Giudice and Amaia Molinet

Šopa Gallery / Košice Artist in Residence, Hlavná 40, Košice 29.6.2023 18.00

KAIR Residency invites you to studio exhibitions where you will be able to see the result of a two-month residency of artists Bruno del Giudice and Amaia Molinet.

Amaia Molinet will present her project Mendikate Mendekatu, in which she reflects on the relationship between natural landscape features such as mountains and rivers, and compares to the history, culture, and intangible heritage of the area. During her two-month stay, she captured the panoramas of the High Tatras, as well as the border area of the Hornád River, which are inextricably linked to the Slovak identity and at the same time form both the natural and political borders of our country.

Bruno del Giudice’s work has long been devoted to the theme of advertising visual culture and its impact on the environment. In his project Sin Litoral (translated as Landlocked), he looks for parallels between his native region of Chaco in Argentina and Košice. Chaco is a specific region located close to the borders with Brazil and Paraguay, a region specific to its own market culture, which strongly influences its visuality – billboard advertisements that are often abandoned, street stalls, posters and banners. This mixture of different images then forms a certain identity of the place, a specific language with which one can identify.


Amaia Molinet (*1988) lives and works in Bilbao, Spain and in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. In her artistic practice, she focuses on expanded photography, addressing the relationship between territory and identity, and highlighting the symbolism of the features of landscape. In other words, she develops her artistic work as a study of the environment, understood as a framework for identity influence, by using symbolism and connotation as artistic tools to get to know our reality from both an affective and perceptive point of view. She believes in the importance of travelling to capture images through photography and video, as a way of creating close bonds between oneself and the environment and finding a balance within the controversial nature of working on a given and demarcated territory.

Bruno del Giudice (*1987) is an artist and graphic designer from Chaco, Argentine. Currently, he is based in Madrid, Spain. His artistic work is influenced by the environment he comes from, which is the Argentine Chaco, a province near Brazil bordering Paraguay. It is a region known for its cultural hybridization. He focuses on features specific to the territory, such as language or food. In his artistic practice, he deals with questions of original and copy, assemblage, wandering, popular imagination, reuse of materials or barter. These are common phenomena of traditional market culture, which is closely linked to the environment of Latin America, specifically the Chaco region.

This residency is supported by the Creative Europe programme. The residency program is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

The residency is organized in collaboration with Meet Factory in the Czech Republic, hablarenarte: in Spain and Visual Culture Research Center, in Ukraine.