Sytze Schalk and ‘We (…) The People’

Residency: January 2019

Sytze Schalk is an award-winning Dutch playwright, (social) game designer and transmedia content producer you can recognize from the last year when he came to Košice together with Borderline Offensive project for a short residency. Now he’s back with a new project and is currently doing research in Košice for his upcoming theater game ‘We (…) The People’. A part of his research is visiting different schools and having discussions with students and having meetings with local politicians, journalists, and activists.

Theater game ‘We (…) The People’ is about politics, public opinion and the power of media and tells the story of election time in a fictional country of Lida. It offers plenty of strategic possibilities for players, and opportunities for the teams to thwart each others’ plans. The choices made by the players during the game will not only determine the outcome of the elections but also shape the lives of all people. This can lead players to be more interested in what is happening in the world of politics and pay more attention to the current issues.

The outcome of Sitze’s residency will be later on in the autumn this year.

The project is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council. The stay is also supported by Creative Industry Košice. Co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the Creative Europe programme