Share your story with Nežka Zamar

In line with my artistic practice, I’ve developed a project for the city of Košice, Slovakia, that sits on the threshold between visual arts, narrative, performance, sound, and street art. As a visual artist, my main interest is to research what I call an unmaterialised image or visualise something that hasn’t been expressed using the language of visual arts. My intention during the coming two months is to become a story collector. Closely working with the community, I will collect and record stories related to specific locations around the city. I will then combine each of them with its own QR code, placing it on the exact location of the story’s origin, thus creating a soundscape; a sound walk, transforming the city into an open-air museum. The finalized web of narratives will be easily accessible to the audience through smartphones and headphones. 

I would like to encourage you to participate in this project by sharing something of your own choice. It can be a memory and something that a certain location triggered in your thoughts, an observation, a fiction. Participating in this project leaves you the option to communicate with the audience in the language of your choice.  

  • Nežka Zamar

You can book your appointment via contacting us or by filling out the time-slot paper in Šopa Gallery (Hlavná 40, Košice, Slovakia) in the coming weeks to share one of your stories that you would like for the rest of the world to hear. Or you can book your slot on Nežka’s website –

This project will be developed as a part of Hydra PACE – Platform for Artistic Collaboration and Exchange. The project is supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the European Union. The residency program of KAIR Košice Artist Residence is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.