Sanja Andelković (RS)

Residency: March - April 2020 - Košice, Slovakia

Sanja Anđelković is visual and textual research artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. Her research is focused within the field of documentary (fiction) practice where she is considering/questioning its position within the system of gender, political, social roles or traumatic moments of personal biography/history. Examining how is the idea of Home changing withing the historical, geographical, social, but also different natural catastrophes context, she is trying to understand the abbreviations of how different ecologies are interconnected. Sanja does not have a “favourite” medium and prefers to include humour if possible. 

Anđelković is currently on New Media Master program (Academy of Fine Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia) with the ambition of having the opportunity to explore her PhD thesis in Vienna (the Institute of Fine Arts and the Institute of Art Theory and Cultural Studies, Vienna). Having had the opportunity to collaborate with different artists and people from different spheres of life, she realised that solo exhibitions don’t appeal to her and that the collaborative commons are much more satisfactory. She exhibited and worked on many projects and exhibitions around the region and beyond, including the Middle East, as well as held the front at Croatian/Hungarian border with the influx of refugees in 2015. During the refugee crisis, she happily volunteered and helped to provided people with the needed supplies. Recently, she got an opportunity to dig into cancer ecology at the Art Residency held by the British Council, BIOS and ATOLYE.

The residency is organized in cooperation with Plants AIR, the program of Novi Sad 2021. The residency program is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.