Mohammed Al Hawayri (PS)

Residency: Jún - Júl 2021

Mohammed Al Hawayri (*1976) is a Palestinian artist born and currently lives in Gaza Strip. Al-Hawajri’s work has been displayed in many exhibitions in Palestine and abroad, and he has received invitations to participate in exhibitions in the UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Argentina, USA, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Spain.

“The humanitarian situation in Palestine remains dire, as evidenced by the high rates of unemployment, poverty and food insecurity, while sporadic outbreaks of violence threaten to explode into a wider confrontation. Nonetheless, I always try to take advantage of these difficult circumstances and make them part of my artistic work. I utilise different techniques, such as drawing, video, photography, installation art, etc. I am always searching for new possibilities, dialogues and techniques with which to give shape to my thoughts, which emerge from often bitter reality.

My artwork always reflects the daily conditions I live in and the lives of people in the Gaza Strip, who experience constant political, economic and social disruption. These changes are directly and indirectly reflected in my artistic work. 

It is my wish to transform these circumstances into critical and sometimes sarcastic interventions. I hereby intend to utilise critical sarcasm as a tool to bring people closer to the realities that relate to humanitarian issues.

My interest in contemporary art stems from my belief that art has a great role in creating awareness in society. At the same time, art raises questions and opens the door to dialogue between peoples of different cultures, as it is a language that does not need a translation.”

The residency is organized as a part of the HYDRA PACE – Platform for Artistic Collaboration and Exchange project. Anna Lindh Foundation and the European Union are the main partners of the project. The residency program of KAIR Košice Artist Residence is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.