Residency: July - September 2024

Lisa Deikun was born in 1992 in Minsk, Belarus. She has been engaged in creative pursuits
throughout her entire life starting from art classes in elementary school and continuing with
enrollment in a contemporary art course during her time at European College Liberal Arts.
In 2022, Lisa was forced to leave her homeland due to political persecution because of her
activism during the protests for fare elections in Belarus. Subsequently, she found refuge in
Warsaw, Poland. Since moving to Poland, Lisa was chosen to participate in ArtCamp
Vasenthien, contributing as an artist. Additionally, in Warsaw she has been taking part in a
decolonial research lab “Mycelium”, collaborating with fellow artists and studying ceramics
as a new medium.

In her artistic pursuits, she is interested in human-and-objects relations, queerness, and the
intersection of The Real and The Unreal. Central to her narrative are human-object
relationships, which she renders through the tactile mediums of weaving, embossing, and installation. These techniques amplify the delicate nature of these connections, embodying
their emotional fragility in material form. She is interested in things that can be touched, so
she enjoys making zines and sculptural objects and incorporating found objects into her
work. Amid her artistic journey lies the universal feeling of alienation, the sentiment of
disconnection from self, others, and the world underscores the human experience.
Experimenting and engaging with a diverse array of materials, she tries to explore this
sentiment, fostering solace in shared struggles and forging meaningful connections through

The residency program is supported using public funding by the Slovak Arts Council. The
Slovak Arts Council is the main partner of this project.
The residency of Lisa Deikun is organized thanks to the partnership with Malý Berlín and