Kasha Potrohosh (UA)

Residency: April - May 2024

Kasha Potrohosh is a Ukrainian artist currently based in Bratislava and Ostrava. Graduating from the Intermedia Department at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, she navigates the realms of intermedia projects with an attention to social critique. In addition to her solo projects, she plays an active role in the MAPSN performance collective.

Kasha is a widely spectral artist and often exhibits and performs under the auspices of white cube galleries (Pragovka CZ, ILKO UKR, tranzit.sk CVK, Tabačka SVK, Medium gallery SVK, Schaubmarov mlýn SVK, Zichy gallery SVK, etc.). Still, she frequently collaborates with alternative spaces (bl:ck dental clinic SVK, Žumpa gallery SVK, saigon gallery CZ, aquarium alternative space SVK, Prostor 44 CZ, T3 – cultural center SVK, Zlievareň SVK, Frani Šramka 5 CZ, Špirala SVK, etc.)

Exploring the local folklore and ritual practices with gender studies, Kasha harnesses magic as a tool to deconstruct the binaries of patriarchy and capitalism. Through her works, she challenges the rigid constructs of gender roles and stereotypes with an ambition for social therapy and broader societal reflections, including feminist and environmental discourse. In her interactions with audiences, she fosters empathy and understanding, interjecting moments of sharp criticism towards violence and oppression, weaving narratives that challenge the status quo and invite transformation of society.

Kasha Potrohosh comes from the ethnic group of Rusyns. She actively studies her folk identity, a mix of Ukrainian, Slovak, and Hungarian backgrounds. By exploring the heritage of magical creatures and the culture of worlds, Kasha noticed Hungary’s influence on the perception of Rusyns, for example, regarding witches (Boszorkány / bosorka / босорканя). During her residency, Kasha plans to reflect on the phenomenon of magical figures through cognitive anthropology and her artistic, intuitive practices in nature aimed at ritualism and therapy.

The residency is realized within the framework of the partnership between KAIR Košice Artist in Residence and The Artist Exchange Program of the Budapest Gallery.

44 – photo by Nastya Blaze

Nature masks – archive of the author