Julia Vergazova (RU)

Residency: October - November 2021

Julia Vergazova is a Russian artist and curator who has been chosen for the media-art residency which is organized in cooperation with Creative Industry Košice and is a part of the Art&Tech Days.

Julia acquired her education from Cologne Academy of Media Arts, Moscow Rodchenko Art School, Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow School of Contemporary Art. She was also nominated for Kuryokhin Prize and was a fellow of Artists in Residence Programme of Moscow-Düsseldorf Cultural Exchange.

During her two-month-long media art residency in Košice, she will focus on the Human Responsibility topic. She will address the Gaia hypothesis, which says our Earth behaves as one huge single superorganism, and the top layer – soil- allows other forms of life to survive on the planet. Her final project on which she will cooperate in the distance with Nikolay Ulyanov will be presented at the festival Art & Tech Days in November 2021.

The residency program is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council. The residency is organized in cooperation with Creative Industry Košice within Košice’s designation as UNESCO Creative City of media arts. The project is also supported by City Košice.