Gabriela Prochazka (CZ)

Residency: November - December 2021

Gabriela Prochazka is a multimedia artist working in light design – light installations and multimedia performances. She studied at the Faculty of Art and Design, J.E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem, and she had an internship at the academy in Paris and Jerusalem. She accompanied with her work in many kinds of music, dance, and theatre performances –  major festivals of new media – Spektrum (Berlin), RGB Light (Rome), International Festival of Technologies (Delft), Signal, and Lunchmeat or The New Now Festival of Digital Arts (Essen).

It is typical for her work to collaborate with authors across art and technology and seek new approaches to work with the media. Civic involvement is also crucial for her, especially in the environmental field – some of her projects are associated with eco-activism (e.g., Light Messages – guerrilla screening of protest texts on the cooling towers of a coal-fired power station).

Besides video art, performance, and light design, she creates exhibition objects that incorporate light sources. During her residency at the Bubec Studio in Prague, she started working with hand-carved metal, which complements the light sources and thus connects these two media – light influence on a shiny metal surface. At the Hraničář Gallery at the LIGHT exhibition concerning light pollution, she worked with data visualization through neural networks projection and 3D printing.

During her KAIR residency stay in Košice, she is inspired by the current relationship between man and nature, specifically by man’s effort to control and manage the natural processes of wild aquatic animals and the benefits of their domestication. She is interested in the transformation of the creation of natural pearl into its controlled production. Thus, she works with the theme of exploited nature and the human desire for a perfect product, resulting from the defensive reaction of a living creature.

The residency program is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council. Slovak Arts Council is the main partner of the project.