Category: Past

Susken Rosenthal (GER): Mirage

We are happy to present the final artwork of our resident from Germany Susken Rosenthal. She was in Košice from the 15th of June 2012. Please read the text by Susken Rosenthal, German artist and curator whose stay was made possible thanks to a generous support of Goethe Institut Bratislava. You can see the photos from […]


New Residents: Julia Mensch (ARG) and Mathijs Lieshout (NL)

From the beginning of August we are hosting two new artists: Julia Mensch from Argentina and Mathijs Lieshout from the Netherlands. Both of them were selected out of 350 applications from the last year open call. They will stay until the end of October. Julia Mensch will continue in a project she has already started during […]

Press meeting at Tabačka

K.A.I.R. team members and the current residents (Vadim Tziganasj and Susken Rosenthal) took part in a press meeting in Tabačka Kulturfabrik where one of the K.A.I.R. studios is located. The concept of K.A.I.R. was presented to journalists. Also Vadim and Susken said few words on their stay in Košice and their work. Besides this Vadim […]

Interview with Adéla Foldynová

You are a trained manager in the area of culture and apart from in the Czech Republic, you gained work experience in the Netherlands. What brought you to Košice? I worked in several cultural institutions in Prague and during my Masters studies in the Netherlands I started to work in the office for cultural innovation. It […]


Alina Kleitman – Everyday Records

Alina Kleitman, visual artist from Kharkov, Ukraine, collected her impression after two month residency in Kosice. Site specific work, she gives forms to her inside feelings from inner fear to reluctance. The exhibiton is located in the cellar of Tabacka Kulturfabrik and consists of photos documenting Alina’s daily life and of a site specific installation. […]


K.A.I.R. presenting TANDEM project in Chisinau

Throughout last 13 months we have been working with City Art Gallery in Kharkov within a project called TANDEM. Cultural managers and cultural institutions from the EU countries teamed up with fellows from Moldova and Ukraine and created a wide range of great projects dealing with different forms of art ranging from street dance performance […]