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Šopa Gallery 15. 4. 2021 at 6 pm/ FB Šopa Gallery

Tijana Radenković – Eden Immortal Place

The solo exhibition project  Eden Immortal Place is a logical continuation of the previous research on issues related to identity, solidarity or, in a sense, stability. The project is based on the phenomenon of “Biophilia”, a term first used by psychologist Erich Fromm and further developed by the American biologist Edward O. Wilson, who pointed out the consequences of separation from nature. The author seeks to reconstruct the ideal place, the Garden of Eden, representing immortality, a utopia based on mythology, but at the same time it is an attempt to reconstruct society – it is a reflection of the decaying systems we have witnessed in the past, present and necessary future. 

Two Shapes of Leaf on Tree

The concept of the exhibition seeks to outline the attributes of the stories of the transformation of both countries after the collapse of the Soviet Union, with a focus on their economic, political, cultural, and ethical consequences. The project, indeed, does not seek to solve current problems or offer “definite” answers – it aims to redraw the complex aspects of the post-transformation situations of both countries, which have been marked by rising authoritarian and anti-democratic tendencies in recent years.

Šopa Gallery, Hlavná 40, Košice 31. 5. — 12. 7. 2019

Judit Lilla Molnár – Parallel Strategies / exhibition

The exhibiting project of Hungarian artist Judit Lilla Molnár is the outcome of a 3-month residency stay within the project KAIR Košice Artist in Residence. It conceptually follows-up to the previous artistic realizations, through which the author sensitively reacts to specific social problems of the young generation.