Category: Artists

Residency: April - June 2022

Krystyna Melnyk (UA)

Krystyna Melnyk is a Ukrainian artist, living and working in Kyiv. She mainly focuses on the media of painting which she studied at the National Academy of Arts and Architecture in Kyiv (2019). Krystyna Melnyk’s work is dominated by figurativeness and corporeality, through which she develops mainly sacral themes. She is interested in the motif […]

Residency: February - March 2022

Mark Chehodaiev (UA)

Mark Chehodaiev (*1997, Kyiv) is a Ukrainian multimedia artist, who is currently studying in Vienna, Austria. In his artistic practice,  he works mainly with space and relationships in space, through which he develops his key themes of presence and memory. He is interested in how the general context coexists with personal experience and in his often performative projects he is collaborating with other artists or spectators.

Residency: February - March 2022

Maksym Khodak (UA)

Maksym Khodak (*2001) is an artist born and raised in Ukraine who works and studies in Kyiv. He works with the topics of history and the ways of documenting it, collective and individual memory, urban transformations, a critical view on cinema and photography. The optic that unites these distinct topics is a critical rethinking of the Soviet legacy. In addition, Khodak’s works react to the current political situation around him. In his practice, he continues the line of Ukrainian political art of the 2000s.

Residency: November - December 2021

Gabriela Prochazka (CZ)

Gabriela Prochazka is a multimedia artist working in light design – light installations and multimedia performances. She studied at the Faculty of Art and Design, J.E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem, and she had an internship at the academy in Paris and Jerusalem. She accompanied with her work in many kinds of music, dance, and theatre performances –  major festivals of new media – Spektrum (Berlin), RGB Light (Rome), International Festival of Technologies (Delft), Signal, and Lunchmeat or The New Now Festival of Digital Arts (Essen).

Residency: October - November 2021

Julia Vergazova (RU)

Julia Vergazova is a Russian artist and curator who has been chosen for the media-art residency which is organized in cooperation with Creative Industry Košice and is a part of the Art&Tech Days.

Residency: August - September 2021

Residency In the steps of Kalo Dant

Dominika Badžová and František Balog are participating in the “In the Footsteps of Kalo Dant” project which connects artists with the local Roma communities in order to provide space for mutual inspiration, knowledge sharing and the development of trust, creativity and imagination. The project is named after the main character of a Roma initiatory tale, […]