Beáta Kolbašovská (SK)

Residency: March - May 2024

Beáta Kolbašovská is a new media artist from Slovakia. She holds an MFA at the Technical University in Košice in the New Media Studio and at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux, France. She focuses on site-specific installation, live visuals, multimedia performance, vjing, video mapping, and video installation. She is the co-founder of the visual collective Nano vjs and POMA (Platform of Open Media art) which creates and exhibits artworks in public spaces. In her meditative projections, Beáta uses ephemeral moments to create a connection between the artwork and the participants. Audiovisual installations are calibrated for a unique space and the atmosphere of a particular place. She collaborates with other artists to create complex media artworks and multimedia performances worldwide.

Recent exhibitions and performances took place at Kollab, Budapest, HU (2024), East Slovak Gallery, Košice, SK (2023), Slovak National Gallery, Ružomberok, SK (2023), Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, USA (2022), Prototyp, Brno, CZ (2022), Sapporo Parallel Museum, Sapporo, JP (2021), ADAF, Athens, GR (2021), BilbaoArte, Bilbao, ES (2021), Minute mapp, Tokyo, JP (2021), Worm, Rotterdam, NL (2021), Mostovna, Nova Gorica, SI (2019) and many more.

For the Schafhof – European Art Forum Upper Bavaria residency program, she will create new media artwork based on the intersection of multimedia, topography, live paths, and physical movement in digital space by exploring the local terrain, mapping paths, and documenting her experiences with technology and nature in symbiosis. Integrating GPS tracking into her artistic practice allows her to create site-specific works that respond to the physical environment. By tracing her movements and interactions, she wants to weave a narrative that reflects both – the natural and human-made elements of the region.

The residency is realized within the framework of the partnership between KAIR Košice Artist in Residence and Schafhof – European Art Forum Upper Bavaria.