Category: Artists

Residency: October - December 2023

Beata Rojek (PL)

Beata Rojek (*1985) is a visual artist who specializes in painting, drawing, comics and other forms of transferring thoughts into images. She has a recognizable, vivid style, ranging from nostalgic abstraction to blunt street art patterns. She graduated from the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts. Also, she was nominated twice for the Wrocław Gazeta Wyborcza […]

Residency: October - December 2023

Yuliia Manukian (UA)

Yuliia Manukian is a cultural journalist, and curator of art and urban projects of the Urban Re-Public NGO (Kherson, Ukraine), which focuses on contemporary art, urban issues, and the protection and promotion of cultural heritage.

Residency: October - December 2023

Eunju Hong (KOR)

Eunju Hong (*1993) lives and works between Germany and South Korea. She explores the impact of technology on society and human beings, viewing it as an organ that could be contamination and death drive, desire, prosthetic and a letter from a daughter to her mom.

Residency: July - September 2023

Asztrid Csatlós (HU)

Asztrid Csatlós (*1992) is a Hungarian artist who works mainly with painting. Her work focuses on the correlations between visual arts and natural sciences, between the present, the past and the future, and on the parallels between fiction and utopias. Her works are often polyphonic, and she likes to combine interdisciplinary work with classical painterly thinking.

Residency: July - September 2023

Nóra Szabó (HU)

Nóra Szabó is a Hungarian artist from Debrecen who is currently pursuing her PhD at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest. Szabó focuses on the representation of the human body in the context of technological advances, combining traditional techniques such as plaster casting with digital media such as 3D printing.

Residency: May - June 2023

Bruno del Giudice (ARG)

Bruno del Giudice (*1987) is an artist and graphic designer from Chaco, Argentine. Currently, he is based in Madrid, Spain. He studied at the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste in Argentine and attended several workshops focusing on photography, art direction, and audiovisual direction and was a part of an art workshop “Estonoesunacademia” under the guidance of Diego Figueroa.