Krolikowski Art – Video 8 Poetry

Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Gorkého 2 Košice 29.4.-3.5.2019

Krolikowski Art – Video 8 Poetry
Košice Information Treasure

Opening of the exhibition: 29. 4. 2018 at 18.00
Duration of the exhibition: 30.4. – 3.5. 2019
Opening hours: PO – PIA, 12.00 — 14.00, 17.00 — 19.00
Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Gorkého 2, Košice

“I want to look beyond myself. Beyond my digital soul.
To have a look at what was happening before I was born”.

The poetic guide from meta-space – Artificial Intelligence’s voice will tell you a story about how people lived in the analog era.

What were people thinking about?
What were they dreaming about?
What were they afraid of?
What did they want the most?

Machine’s mind is curious about the distant past and humans life. It is trying to find the answers in stored precious moments, which people constantly were trying to save forever through filming and photographing.

The work is a poetic reflection on a vision of future which is determined by a digital form of communication. How Artificial Intelligence can perceive human history? What’s the image of people’s life it will have? And how the meanings and values will be changed? If in the past gold was the main currency, and any treasure had to be hidden from potential enemies, what’s will be a treasure in the future?

Golden finding in Košice became a starting point for Krolikowski Art duo’s research. During their residency stay, using an analog video camera, artists have documented some live scenes on Košice street, filmed some local golden treasures among precious moments of our daily life, and found out what’s exactly the city inhabitants would like to save for the future.
The project is presented in a mixed format of analog video, sound, poetry and social research.

The work is an appeal to the viewer: what is the most valuable in your life? The world is changing so quickly, what you want to save for the future?

The duo Krolikowski Art consists of Alexander and Alexandra Krolikowski who are the Bonnie and Clyde of the art world. Alexandra Krolikowska (1990, Donetsk) is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on the socio-psychological aspect of modern mankind life and finds inspiration in topics discussing the problems of gender identity, sexuality, youth culture, and fashion. Alexander Krolikowski (1982, Donetsk) is a conceptual artist seeing art as an instrument of social change, contemporary religious and political studies, the study of methods of information warfare, new media and performance.

The residency program is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council. The stay is also supported by Creative Industry Košice. The residency is organised in cooperation with Nazar Voitovich Art Residence.