Kata Tranker (HU) – La Mére qui Flâne

Šopa Gallery, Hlavná 40, Košice 24. 8. 2017

Kata Tranker belongs to the youngest generation of Hungarian artists. In her works she is working with a diverse range of approaches, from drawing, collage, object to installations, which she is combining into complex units. Narrative „stories“ in her works are not offering a linear story or an interpretation to the spectator, but they have an open character. In her works often appear questions with social-historic character, questions about identity, interpersonal or geopolitical relationships.

The author is presenting a project on which she was working during a three-month residency in Košice within a project K.A.I.R. Košice Artist in Residence. She is referring to Walter Benjamin, who has redone the concept of Flanery (from French word flâneur) – a person who is walking through the city without any purpose, who is just walking for the walk itself, which is offering time and space for thinking and development of creative thinking. Kata Tranker is mapping the walk throughout the city from the view and experience of the mother of a ten-month-old baby. At the first stage of motherhood, the walk with the baby in a carriage is a great opportunity to leave the four walls of the home, to spend some time in a „real world“ and to think. The reason for the walk is the walk itself, a walk without rushing, for the experience of city space, intricate aisles, and hidden nooks, for capturing the moment. The mothers are behaving like an unintentional flaneurs – they are walking through random streets, they are thinking about what they have, what they see in front of them. Tranker is denoting her experience and impression of the town in the spatial installation, collages, drawings, and objects. We can find here marked routes through which the author was walking, photographs and drawings of buildings extracted into basic shapes, pieces of rubbish that were blown away from balconies of this windy city and repeated theme of motherhood and family life which is present in a couple of sculptural realizations in an open space and which look far too realistic in comparison with a real experience of a woman – mother.

Vernissage: 24. 8. 2017 at 7 p.m.
Duration of the exhibition: 25. 8. – 15. 9. 2017
Opening hours: MON – FRI, 4-6 p.m.
Šopa Gallery, Hlavná 40, Košice

The exhibition of this gallery is supported by the Slovak Arts Council from the public resources. Residency within the project K.A.I.R. Košice Artist in Residence is supported by International Visegrad Fund and organization Creative Industry Košice.