Tijana Radenković (RS)

Residency: February - March 2021

Tijana Radenković is a visual artist from Serbia, now living in Slovakia Bratislava. Her work is at the intersection of identity, body, bio-living systems and contemporary collections (wunderkammer). Radenković’s interests are focused towards examining the identity, problematization, function and perception of the human body, beauty and ideals. 

Her main focus on exploring relationships between words and records is based on the phenomenon of the human body and its ideal. Using different kinds of practices such as archiving, appropriation and science methods, she is experimenting and sometimes focusing more on the process than the final result of research. At the moment she is finishing her doctoral studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade under the supervision of Professor PhD Zoran Todorović.  

The “EDEN immortal place” project, which will be explored during the K.A.I.R residency, is a logical continuation of the previous research on issues related to identity, solidarity or, in a sense, stability. The project is based on the phenomenon of “Biophilia”, a term first used by psychologist Erich Fromm and further developed by the American biologist Edward O. Wilson, who pointed out the consequences of separation from nature. The author seeks to reconstruct the ideal place, the Garden of Eden, representing immortality, a utopia based on mythology, but at the same time it is an attempt to reconstruct society – it is a reflection of the decaying systems we have witnessed in the past, present and necessary future. 

The residency program is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council. Slovak Arts Council is the main partner of the project. The residency of Tijana Radenković is also supported by Minority Culture Fund.