Open Call Košice2013 UPDATE

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Dear applicants, thank you once more for expressing your interest in our residence program. [highlight color=”yellow”]The application process is now closed[/highlight] and we cannot accept any more applications or separate files.

For Visegrad applicants (visual and sound artists from the Czech republic, Hungary and Poland)

We will review your applications in the next days and the successful applicants will receive a letter of acceptance by the 1st of September. When you receive the letter you should apply yourself viaVisegrad funds (deadline the 10th of September).

For other applicants (countries other than Visegrad + Visegrad literary or performance artists)

In the upcoming months we will have several rounds of precise selection process and the successful applicants will receive invitation letter not later than by the 31st of October. Due to the large number of applicants we cannot publish the results earlier.