OPEN CALL for Slovak Artists – Ukraine

Deadline: May 31st, 2019

K.A.I.R. Košice Artist in residence and NAZAR VOITOVYCH ART RESIDENCE invite visual artists from Slovakia who are working with graphics, ceramics, paintings, photos and videos, and in their practice are open to involving the local community in the project, to take part in the five-week residency in Ukraine and want to work with Ukrainian artists simultaneously and exchange experience and, together, plunge into the context of the country, location and, together with the curator, planned a joint presentation.

Application deadline: May 31st, 2019

Results: June 17th, 2019

The residency consists of two parts. The first part is focused on creation and research during four weeks in Travneve from August 1st until September 1st, 2019. Second is one week stay in Kiev from September 1st until September 8th, 2019 for the presentation of the residency results and networking with local artists. The residency is open to individuals but also for artist duos.

The NAZAR VOITOVYCH ART RESIDENCE is an educational and artistic center with workshops, recreation rooms and exhibition hall in the small village of Travneve, of Zbarazh district, Ternopil region. NVAiR opened in 2017 with the aim to support the artistic creation and the development of the local community. The program was founded in honor of Nazar Voitovich, the youngest hero of the Heavenly Hundred, who was born and raised in the village, studied design at college, planned to study at the Academy of Arts.

The residency space works as an open art studio with:

  • ceramic studio with an oven with a camera 450х400х400, a mechanical potter’s circle, two workstations (table + chair);
  • graphic studio with a press for manual printing with a width of 400 mm plate, two workstations (table + chair)
  • multi-studio with a screen and a projector, easels (10 pcs), a recreation area with a library;

The artistic residence acts in the interests of young talented Ukrainian artists (providing scholarships for the living and creating works of art) and in the interests of the local community (communication with foreign artists, curriculum and the place of the active cell formation). Along with it, the residency program has its priorities in the introduction of innovative, ecological and economic technologies through culture, learning through practice and communication and the development of mobility of ideas and people. The organization provides support for the professional growth of young talented Ukrainian artists and communication with the world art market.


K.A.I.R. Košice Artist in Residence is an international Artist-in-Residence programme for artists from all over the world and out of all artistic disciplines and expressions. K.A.I.R. is strongly focused on the creation of international cooperations between the Slovak and foreign artists and art organizations. Since 2011, artists have the possibility to work in the inspiring environment of Kosice`s singular cultural surrounding to realize art projects, collaborate with the agile local art scene and present themselves to the local and national public. K.A.I.R. Košice Artist in Residence also provides opportunities to Slovak artists to travel for residencies within the cooperation with the project partners

What we provide to the artist:

  • Four weeks residency in Travneve, Ukraine: 1st August – 1st September 2019
  • One week in Kiev, Ukraine: 1st September – 8th September 2019
  • Free accommodation
  • Access to open art studio with equipment
  • Honorarium 1000€ per person
  • Travel costs 200€ per person
  • Production and PR support

What we expect from an artist:

  • To introduce himself/herself to the local audience.
  • One individual presentation or workshop during the residency.
  • One or more (if desired) donate an art object, canvas, print or imprint to the Residency Foundation
  • Final presentation/exhibition at the end of the residency.
  • Compulsory attendance

The application should consist of three PDF:

  • portfolio with selected works (max. 10 pages)
  • motivation letter: please describe your motivation to take part in the residency and the ideas or topics you would like to work with during the residency (max. 1 page)
  • short biography with basic information (Name, Address, Email, Website).



Application deadline: May 31st, 2019

Results: June 17th, 2019


If you have any questions about the open call or residency, please contact Petra Housková:

The project is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.