Open call for a 2-month online residency

Deadline: PROLONGED 4th of January 2022

ARTIST IS ABSENT 2022 (AIA 2022) – This is an international program of virtual residencies for digital artists.

Duration of residency

1st of February, 2022 – 30th of March, 2022

Application deadline

PROLONGED 4th of January 2022

NVAIR (Ukraine), KAIR Košice Artist in residence (Slovakia) and Schafhof -European Center for Art Upper Bavaria — invites DIGITAL artists from Ukraine, Slovakia, Upper Bavaria (Germany), and invites join artists from Asia, Australia, Soth, and North America for global co-creating to take part in the two-months online residency program.

Team of mentors:
Lucy Nychai – Curator of international exchange programs of art residence for youth artists NVAIR, Curator-at-Large Lite-Haus Gallery (Berlin) – communication and curating of program
Vartan Markarian – Digital artist (XR), Art director of the international project “A: PART Berlin-Poltava”, – tech-curating of program

The AIA program is the birthplace of new ideas and meanings for international dialogue through art. We focus on common issues and topics for dialogues about the digital art ecosystem. The name of the program reminds us of new algorithms and technical capabilities of tools for creating art. In the program, we look for the importance of the artist as a carrier of ideas and the weight of tools that bring new meaning to the process.
COnditions of the last two years had a significant impact on communication algorithms in all areas, and this has prompted many art projects to find a place online. Demand for tools has significantly improved their quality and expanded opportunities. And all this in turn made it possible to work more globally.
In the course of the first experimental program of AIA residencies (Ukraine-Germany), we created a virtual experience with a hall for communication and 4 virtual projects, and most importantly, together with the first residents, we developed the structure of the program and communication for co-creation processes.

Initiated by the NGO Congress of Cultural Activists within the framework of the Nazar Voitovich Art Residence (NVAIR)

So, we invite you to join the next experiment.


Zoom, Telegram, Mozilla Hubs, and own home studio. All artists stay at home, but all communicate in a global studio)

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

The program will take place 10 emerging artists working with digital media: video, photography, generative art, XR (VR + AR), sound art, etc.

Fees and support

What do we offer? The platform for communication and presentation;2 months of meetings and discussions with colleagues; Space for finding new ideas and creating new projects; Mentoring support in philosophical, artistic, and technical matters; Free access for 1 month to ART Breeder software – for experiments with artificial intelligence; Session about NFT and publishing works on the marketplace (POS); A virtual exhibition, presentation in the Artist is Absent space on the site of the Mozilla Hub  Promotion on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter; PossibilityPresentation of the project in physical space in the partner’s locations.

Expectations towards the artist

What do we expect from residents? English at a level sufficient for communication; Participation in weekly meetings; Informal communication between participants; Public online presentation at the beginning of the program; Presentation of own experience or realization of at least one work during the program; Publications, re-publications, and distribution content about the processes and results of the program on social media; Virtual presence at the opening of the final exhibition.

Application information

What do you need to participate in? Send an email with the topic: “Artist is absent / Competition 2022” to the specified address:

  • CV in PDF format in English;
  • A 1-page letter describing your practice (topics of your work, tools, technics) in PDF format in English;
  • A link to a website or webpage with your portfolio.