New Residents: Julia Mensch (ARG) and Mathijs Lieshout (NL)

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From the beginning of August we are hosting two new artists: Julia Mensch from Argentina and Mathijs Lieshout from the Netherlands. Both of them were selected out of 350 applications from the last year open call. They will stay until the end of October.

Julia Mensch will continue in a project she has already started during her residency in Leipzig, Germany. She will explore her grandfather’s journey to the East Germany and the USSR in the early 70’s. He was fascinated by the socialism in practice and Julia will search for traces of his presence in this region.

Mathijs Lieshout is already occupying one of nearly abandoned industrial plots in Košice where he will construct an installation filling up the space with old wood structure. He also has many experience in working in such a way from his previous residencies.