Monika Drożyńska – Plan / Plán

Košice 2013 invites you to the exhibition Monika Drożyńska – Plan to be held on 2nd May 2012 at 18:00. Top of the exhibition is at the intersection of Orlia and Zvonárska Street (next to the horse) in Kosice. The exhibition was realized via residential program K.A.I.R. supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

The works retain the energy and the spirit of adventure and discovery, of having fun – in this way they not only explore ways of engaging with the city, they themselves are a particular way of engaging with the city, one that is fresh, intelligent, bitingly ironic and witty, and at the same time extremely serious. Each of the pieces brings out a different aspect of this engagement – be it the dry, matter-of-fact juxtaposition of a statue of a horse with a quote suddenly remembered (Rider), or the sense of magic and childhood wonder present in peering through a dusty window into a space newly discovered (Diamond house). These two pieces are complemented by a third one, Stretch marks, which highlights the subversive and critical element of this aliveness. The piece draws on observations about the transformations Košice is currently undergoing (of its own accord as well as in connection to institutional projects such as the European Capital of Culture) and the role of institutions in this change. Taken together, the pieces highlight the subversive side of playfulness and the playful side of subversiveness. With the elegance of a joke well delivered, these works leave it to us how we piece things together.

You can see the photos from exhibition here and watch video about Monika and her work here.