Kay Yoon: Behind the Scene Of Absence

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Šopa Gallery / Košice Artist in Residence, Hlavná 40, Košice 02.05.2024 18.00

Final presentation: 02.05.2024 / 18.00

  1. An Artifact of Promise, 2024, Cooper Plate, A Lock found at the Bridge of Love, Kosice
  2. A Woman Who Opens The Door: Juliana Korponajová, 2024, Lacquered Wooden Plate, Lasercut
  3. Echo of Memory, 2024, Sound Installation

The final presentation of Kay Yoon’s artistic exploration “Behind the Scene of Absence” includes the fusion of research materials and creative process borne during her residency program in Kosice. Within this presentation, Yoon delves into the intricate interplay of visibility – a labyrinth construct entwining permissions, prohibitions, presence and absence. It ocsilliates between apparitions and bouts of hysterical blindness, echoing the enigmatic essence of societal dynamics.

In this narrative tapestry, a ghost transcends its conventional definition as a mere specter of the departed. Instead, it emerges as a potent social figure – a testament to collective memory and cultural mythos. Yoon’s inquiry delves deep into the Slovakian narrative landscape, particularly the haunting saga of the White Lady of Levoca, interwoven with an array of Slovakian folklore. Through her meticulous examination of these spectral anecdotes, Yoon unravels the intricate threads binding historical veracity with the fabric of contemporary reality.

Central to Yoon’s artistic odyssey is the exploration of storytelling as both a conduit for historical reverence and a vessel for the proliferation of contemporary narratives. Oral traditions, folklore, and ghost stories serve as communal touchstones in the cultural imagination, fostering a collective dialogue between past and present. Through the act of storytelling, society honors its historical lineage while concurrently birthing new narratives that resonate with the zeitgeist.

In her immersive artistic tableau, Yoon employs the motif of the door as a symbolic threshold to domestic memories, simultaneously permitting and regulating access to the reservoir of past emotions and experiences. She deftly interlaces found objects sourced from the urban landscape of Kosice, melding her personal journey with the broader narrative. Through this transformative process, Yoon transcends mere observation, imbuing her work with a profound sense of intimacy and resonance that invites viewers to embark on a voyage through the corridors of memory and imagination.

The residency program is supported using public funding by the Slovak Arts Council. Slovak Arts Council is the main partner of this project. The residency is organized in collaboration with Schafhof – European Art Forum Upper Bavaria.