Ivana Čavić (SRB)

Residency: May - June 2018 Košice

Ivana Čavić is an artist based in Serbia and currently studies photography at The Academy Of Arts Novi Sad. Her photographic practice is an exploration of narration and context, focused on creating visual narratives that question the boundaries of documentation and fiction, private and public. With research-based work, she is often playing with photographic and textual narratives which trigger a dialogue about different readings of personal histories and memories. She participated in numerous solo and group shows, international and collaborative projects.

Ivana will spend two months (May – June 2018) at a residency in Košice. The residency is organized in cooperation with Plants AIR, the program of Novi Sad 2021. The residency program is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council. The stay is also supported by Košice city and Creative Industry Košice.