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A.I.R. Tokyo, Japan

Host organisations Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo K.A.I.R. Košice Artist in Residence and Košice European Capital of Culture 2013, Košice, Slovakia Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo Located in a tranquil residential suburb in central Tokyo, Youkobo Art Space consists of a gallery, artist studios, and comfortable accommodation. Youkobo Art Space’s primary objective is to support and enhance the creativity […]

A.I.R. Leipzig, Germany

  Host organisations Halle 14, Leipzig, Germany K.A.I.R. and Košice European Capital of Culture 2013    The City of Leipzig Leipzig can look back on a history steeped in traditions in education, art and culture. At the 600 year-old university, the giants of German culture studied and worked, including the dramaturge and literary theorist Johann Christoph Gottsched, […]

A.I.R. Kharkov, Ukraine

Open Call for East Slovakian artists or Slovak artists with specific interest or connection to East Slovakia region. Apply for the residency in Kharkov.

A.I.R. Tokyo, Japan

Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo and K.A.I.R – Košice Artist in Residence exchange program THREE MONTH RESIDENCY OF EAST SLOVAKIAN ARTIST IN TOKYO 2013 Host organisations Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo K.A.I.R.–Košice Artist in Residence Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo Youkobo Art Space, located in Tokyo as a capital of Japan, will welcome to host an emerging artists from East Slovakia, […]

Open Call: Come to Košice in 2013

We are happy to announce that we have just published our general open call for international artists to come to Košice during 2013. You can find this open call in our special section. Please visit it and read the detailed information. Soon we will fully start our campaign to spread to word and give a chance to great […]

K.A.I.R. Košice, Slovakia, 2013

OPEN CALL for 2013 Host organisation Košice 2013 – European Capital of Culture Košice During the last centuries, the whole region of East Slovakia on the edge of Schengen border where Košice is situated has been influenced by many different kingdoms, countries and cultural groups and still you can feel this multicultural spirit in the […]