Category: Artists

Michal Holý (SK)

Michal Holy (1984, Kosice, Slovakia) studying New Media at Technical University Kosice creating installations, interactive art, video art and photo collages. Holy recently documents the local street art scene in which he is personally active since 1998, preparing magazine about underground art in Kosice, helping organizing SACFEST, occasionally doing VJing. Holy took part in KIOSK artist in […]

Lucija Smodiš (SLO)

Lucija Smodiš (1984, Maribor, Slovenia) studied visual arts at the Faculty of Education, University of Maribor. She has lived and worked in Maribor as a curator and a cultural manager. In her work, she  primarily, but not exclusively, utilises video and the public space in order to create unusual situations. During her residency, Lucia Smojdis […]

Maya Schweizer (FR/GER)

Maya Schweizer (1976 Paris, France) lives and works in Berlin. She studied at the Academy of Visual Arts, HGB, Leipzig and completed her diploma at the University of Arts, Berlin.  In her work, she focused her research relation between image and its context, the fascination of certain pictures and the meticulous construction behind representation. During her […]

Esther Mañas (ES) Arash Moori (GB)

Esther Mañas (ES) and Arash Mooris (GB) work lies between sonic, cinematic and architectural terrains. Themes within their work are explored within constructed site-specific sound environments which utilise in situ objects such as lighting or machinery in order to generate real time spatial soundscapes. Architectural spaces become central characters both in the provision of their hidden […]

Alexandru Raevschi (MD)

Alexandru Raevschi (1979, Chisinau, Moldova) studied at the Faculty of Architecture, the Technical University of Moldova, and painting at the Faculty of Education, Ion Creanga Pedagogical State University in Chisinau. He mainly deals with political aspects of current situation in post-sovietic area. (Subject matter that he deal with are related to his own experience of having […]

Michaela Bottková (SK)

Michaela Bottkova is a Slovak artist from Trencin, Slovakia. Graduated from Master’s Degree in the New Media studio in the faculty of Fine Arts at the Technical University of Kosice, she usually works with video and installation. She deals with issues of identity, the searching of self identity and answers of social questions. During her […]