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Julia Mensch (ARG)

Julia Mensch is Argentinean visual artist. She graduated from IUNA in Buenos Air and at the moment studies at the UdK Berlin, laureate of international prizes, and have already realized many projects in residence. In her works, she useddifferent tools to collect stories and impressions, reuse in installation, including videos, photos, texts and objects.  She reflects on the collective […]


New Resident: Radovan Čerevka (SK)

Radovan Čerevka just left to Leipzig for his three months long residency in Halle14 where he will be until mid September 2012. Radovan is one of the most interesting young Slovak artist and we are pleased to offer him residency stay in Leipzig. There he will work on his project called Destination Hell which deals with […]

Radovan Čerevka (SK)

Radovan Čerevka is a one of the most interesting young Slovak artists. Radovan studied in Košice, Bratislava and Prague and currently he is an assistant lecturer in Prof. Juraj Bartusz’s Studio of Free Creativeness 3D at Faculty of Art, Technical University, Košice.  He uses mainly sculpture, video, installation and drawing to examine the relationship between media reports of terrible events, […]

Susken Rosenthal (GER)

Susken Rosenthal is an artist, curator and art director from Germany. She studied in Berlin, Florence and Los Angeles.  She is mainly working with space, architecture and landscape, to create sites of active perception.  She uses the basic experience of space experience between spatial ability and spatial perception. By playing with the existing environment and the […]



The exhibition PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE CEILING re-frames the theme of past ideologies and their traumatic repression into the forms of architectonic signs that symptomatically appear in culture through the visual repetition in time. In a conceptual manner the artist Claire Waffel who often works with various time structures found as simultaneous or dislocated […]

Svetlana Fialová (SK)

Svetlana Fialová (SK) studied at the Faculty of Arts in Kosice and then continued her studies and graduated from The  Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Since 2011 she is a student of doctoral studies at The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Her work has been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions in Slovakia, Czech […]