URBAN ART Marek Pisarsky & Anne Peschken (GER)

Anne Peschken (1966, Canada) and Marek Pisarsky (1956, Poland) live and work in Berlin, Germany and Myślibórz, Poland. Under the name of Urban Art they collaborate as artists since 1988 and initiate art projects.  Their artistic practice is mainly conceptual allowing them to make use of a wide range of artistic media and recurrently includes interventions into the public space. Their works have been widely exhibited around Europe, from St. Petersburg to Morocco. During their residency from August to October 2011, both artists immerged into the local cultural scene, and tried to become familiar with the capital of Eastern Slovakia by taking extensive walks through the city. They researched its long multicultural past while an essential focus was on the architecture of Košice and the exploration of the human condition prevailing in the enormous socialist panelaks along the hills of the city.

Urban Art presented the results of their residency in the book “Satellite Lives” and during an exhibition at the East Slovakian Gallery in Košice.