Open call / Residencies dedicated to the artists coming from Belarus

Deadline: 19.04.2024, Malý Berlín and KAIR Košice Artist in Residence are launching an open call for three-month residencies dedicated to artists based or coming from Belarus.

Period of the three-month residencies:

May – July 2024 / Malý Berlín, Trnava

July – September 2024 / KAIR, Košice

Applications deadline: April 19th

Results of the open call: April 27th

Censorship as a reality. This is an invitation to Belarusian artists to reflect on how censorship affects life, society and individual consciousness. The main task is not only to identify and discuss the issues related to the restriction of freedom of speech and expression, but also to find ways to overcome these challenges and to seek support and grounding in the current situation.

Censorship touches many aspects of life, from politics and social movements to art and personal expression. During the residency, participants are encouraged to explore the various forms and consequences of censorship, as well as the ways in which people find ways to express their ideas and beliefs despite limitations.

During the three-month residency, the project aims to provide Belarusian artists with an opportunity for free artistic and critical expression, to maintain contact with the world, and to connect them with new audiences and local art scenes. These residencies should be a space where artists are provided with favorable conditions (accommodation, studio and fees) in such unstable times.

General Eligibility

Professionals with a sustained practice in contemporary visual arts or related areas.

There is no age limit.


A. Cultural Center Malý Berlín

Malý Berlín is an independent cultural center in the historic center of Trnava. It has two event spaces where more than 300 cultural and educational events take place every year. It´s a member of the Trans Europe Halles network, where we launched the Easthub platform – within which we actively try to develop cultural cooperation between post-communist countries. Our international projects also cover topics such as cultural heritage, innovation, modernism, and climate change.

The residency in Malý Berlín is suitable for artists with a focus on fine arts, large-scale artworks (conceptual art, sculpture, painting). It offers accommodation with a studio, technical and production support, necessary material, a small gallery, and the possibility to live and work within a lively arts scene and community.




B. KAIR Košice Artist in Residence

Košice Artist in Residence is an international residency program dedicated to artists worldwide and all artistic disciplines and expressions. KAIR strongly focuses on creating international cooperation between Slovak and foreign artists and art organizations. Since 2011, artists have had the chance to work in the inspiring environment of Košice’s singular cultural surroundings, realize art projects, collaborate with the agile local art scene, and present themselves to the local public. In recent years, the residency program has focused on connecting individuals and sharing responsibility with the world during a common global crisis (environmental, political, economic, social, etc.). The program aims to analyze the current situation and look critically at its consequences and the near and distant future. In 2024, the program focuses on care and explores how it is enacted, expressed, and institutionalized in different contexts. It encompasses a wide range of formal and informal practices that promote a holistic perspective and contribute to the well-being and support of individuals, communities, and the environment.

The residency program provides a cozy two-bedroom apartment, two separate studios, approx. 20 m2 in size, suitable for visual or interdisciplinary artists, and they are connected to the Šopa Gallery, where most of the residency activities will take place. The residency offers production support, necessary material for the creation, and a link to the local art scene.




ABOUT BELARUSIAN PARTNER – independent cultural and educational platform in Belarus (, established in 2018 as a local art actors network for studies and practice of new media.

Both residencies offer:

– free accommodation 

– studio space

– honorarium for participants 500 € per month

– material costs up to 200 €

– curatorial, production, and PR support

– connection with the local cultural scene

The expectations from the participants:


participation at the Meet & Greet event to get in touch with the local audience

– one individual presentation, lecture, or workshop during the residency stay

– final public presentation of the outcome (an artwork, essay, etc.) at the end of the residency 

Malý Berlín:
– one presentation for a local artistic audience,

– final public presentation of the work and activities (lecture, workshop, art talk, art exhibition, etc.) at the end of the residency

– reports on a weekly basis

The application form must include three documents in English and PDF format:

– CV

– portfolio where the candidate’s interests and research topics are clear (max. 10 pages)

– cover letter (please describe your motivation and why you want to participate in the residency, if appropriate, also project proposals or topics that you want to devote to)


Committee: representatives of Malý Berlín (Michal Klembara, Soňa Jakubove),

KAIR (Petra Housková, Tatiana Takáčová, Monika Pádejová), (Hanna Palei)


Malý Berlín:
Soňa Jakubove /


Petra Housková /