Olga Pedan (SWE/GER)

Residency: October - December 2017

Olga Pedan (1988, Kharkov, Ukraine) is a Swedish artist based in Germany. She graduated in 2014 from the art academy Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main. Her work spans various media, ranging from painting and costume making to installation, video, and photography.

A common theme in her work is the formation of our perceptions of reality and their relation to abstraction. Often the work relates to identities, their construction and the concepts that support them, and asks what the various requirements are to be perceived or recognized as an actor within a social or economic network. These interests were recently expressed in the exhibition ‘Residual Living’ at Montague Space in London (montague.space). The exhibition featured a collaged video that dealt amongst other things with the concept of ‘passive’ or ‘residual’ income. It served as an exploration into online economies and the circulation of data as well as into questions about individuality, embodiment, and perception.

During her three months residency in Košice, she will be developing new work that combines her interest in performance and video with research on ‘social bots’ in online networks.

The residency is supported by Goethe-Institut in Bratislava and Creative Industry Košice.