Miriama Kardosova (SK)

Miriama Kardosova is a young painter from Kosice, who studied at studio of contemporary pictures at Faculty of Arts in Kosice. In her work, she uses the contrast between men and women, real and unreal world, where both parties live beside each other, to explore uncovered feelings and consciousness gap, and to play with different possible interpretations and meanings. In spring 2012, she went to Kharkov (UA) for two month residency in the frame of European Cultural Foundation progam called TANDEM. There she made an aesthetic research between literature and painting, by confronting her inspiration from 1984 with the reality, inspired by the soviet  atmosphere  of the town. She collected old items from past and use it in her work by fragmentation and reconstruction.  She made a series of oil painting, exhibited in U Rozy during Non-stop media festival.