Michal Holý (SK)

Michal Holy (1984, Kosice, Slovakia) studying New Media at Technical University Kosice creating installations, interactive art, video art and photo collages. Holy recently documents the local street art scene in which he is personally active since 1998, preparing magazine about underground art in Kosice, helping organizing SACFEST, occasionally doing VJing.

Holy took part in KIOSK artist in residency program. During this period he has established a relation with Chisinau urban space, crossing it on the bicycle and by feet, looking for common for his native city of Kosice features. The communist past that Republic of Moldova went through and soviet urbanist plans developed for major cities made him search and explore subjects related to the socialist past of Slovakia. On the other hand the process of globalization that determines the way Kosice is being developed is equally important as the effects of transition that Chisinau is facing today.

During his residency Michal Holy has been documenting with the means of photography the streets of Chisinau, places overloaded with outdoor publicity, structures and supports for billboards along with the pedestals supporting monuments that were erected in different historical periods. His attention was also captured by the way people communicate in Chisinau, using both, Romanian and Russian languages in various contexts, starting with the street and finishing with TV programs.

More information about the residency on this blog.