Lucija Smodiš (SLO)

Lucija Smodiš (1984, Maribor, Slovenia) studied visual arts at the Faculty of Education, University of Maribor. She has lived and worked in Maribor as a curator and a cultural manager. In her work, she  primarily, but not exclusively, utilises video and the public space in order to create unusual situations. During her residency, Lucia Smojdis created a video concerned with east-Slovakian traditions. The tradition she was focusing on related to the 13 of December, Lucia’s day. According to pagans beliefs, it was the day when all the bad power reach their climax.  After collecting information and meeting specialist of east-Slovakian culture, she realized 11 short movies where she rewrote the local tradition into an intimate representation of her own fears and obsessions. Lucia Smodjis made a self-portrait through the (deformation) of collective belief.

More vidoes can be found on Vimeo.