Eja Devečková (SK)

Eja Devečková (1982 in Spišská Belá, Slovakia) studied at University of Fine Arts in Bratislava, at Intermedia and Multimedia Department, in studio IN, which is led by Doc. Ilona Németh. Currently she is working as an assistant at the Department of textile production and as an external PhD student at the Intermedia and Multimedia Department at University of Fine Arts in Bratislava. Largely,  she systematically focus on the relationship between artwork and audience and artwork and artist (e.g. Videotutorial for the perfect visitor, which provides guidance for visitors on how to behave in the gallery). In a long-term she has been examining in particular the interaction of artwork and viewer, artist and audience and effects of external and internal relations in the artistic sphere. A typical feature of her artworks is an ironic look at the mechanisms in artistic sphere and involvement of the viewer in the process of creating art, interest about viewer’s perception and activity, as well as personal, psychological and social subjects and exploration of boundaries between public and private. Primarily Devečková works with new media, outputs are implemented in the form of short videos, installations and performance.

Her project for Halle 14 is a part of a long-term program, in which she tried to focus on the spectator-visitor of the gallery.