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Amorbach is Love

Group of five artists from Košice (Boris Vaitovič, Beáta Kolbašovská, Jakub Pišek, Ľubomír Štec and Adam Alezár) were at 2 weeks residency in small town somewhere in Germany called Amorbach. When I asked them what should be in the article with the photos from their residency, they just wrote: “Amorbach is Love”. Yesterday, they arrived back […]

Summer News from KAIR

August is very busy for KAIR. We have 4 new projects! 5 artists from Košice are in Amorbach, Germany working on site-specific new media installation with multimedia artist Anna Tretter. The presentations of their work will be on 14th of August in Amorbach (more info HERE) and on 20th of August in experimental space KLUB […]

Imrich Veber | Something is Missing

Imrich Veber spent two months (March – April 2015) at residency in Košice. He created photo project called Something is Missing about Košice suburb Ťahanovce.  The residency was part of  the cooperation with Plzeň 2015 in the frame of  project OPEN AiR – Artist in Residence. Osmdesát tisíc lidí, tramvaje, nadchod, rušná čtyřproudová cesta, megalomanský projekt sídliště, Listopad, 1989, […]

Andrea Kalinová a Martin Zaiček: LOKOKINO – Monument for Mziuri memory

Mziuri children town opened in the beginning of 1980s and for the decades was a popular place for families and children in Tbilisi. However, the memory of this place is slowly fading away. Abandoned architecture in the park hardly reminds its famous past. Lokokino, a mosaic shell in the middle of the park is one […]