Category: Artists

Svetlana Fialová (SK)

Svetlana Fialová (SK) studied at the Faculty of Arts in Kosice and then continued her studies and graduated from The  Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Since 2011 she is a student of doctoral studies at The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Her work has been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions in Slovakia, Czech […]

Katarína Hudačinová (SK)

Katarína Hudačinová  is Košice based artist studying at Faculty of Arts in Košice. She was at six week long residency stay in A.I.R. Guest House Maribor in Slovenia. In her works she uses mainly photography. On her residential visit to Maribor she created the series of photos – postcards with which she wanted to express her impression […]

Vadim Tzigansj (MD)

Vadim Tzigansj is a young artist from Moldova, who works in several artistic direction with a special interest in movie art, comics and public art interventions.He defines his artistic ego as taking the form of a controller which dashes headlong into various communities, making a part but keeping a peripheral place in the frame of their […]

Paula Ďurinová (SK)

Paula Ďurinová (1987) is an independent documentary filmmaker based in Bratislava, Slovakia. She has been studying at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia and at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is founder of the Living documentary association. “Making documentary films helps me to express my thoughts and reflect […]

Miriama Kardosova (SK)

Miriama Kardosova is a young painter from Kosice, who studied at studio of contemporary pictures at Faculty of Arts in Kosice. In her work, she uses the contrast between men and women, real and unreal world, where both parties live beside each other, to explore uncovered feelings and consciousness gap, and to play with different possible […]

Claire Waffel (GER)

Berlin-based artist Claire Waffel (1978) studied an MA in Photography at the London College of Communication and a BA in Media Studies and French the University of East Anglia in Norwich. She works with the media of installation, video, photography, and collage examining their potential to transport and illustrate memory and time. “I am especially interested in how […]