Alina Kleitman (UA)

Alina Kleitman is a young upcoming artist from Kharkov, Ukraine. In 2008, she joined the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. Beside her study, Kleytman participated already in several exhibitions in whole Ukraine and abroad. In 2011, she was shortlisted for the Pintschuk Art Center prize for young artists.  Her works  can be interpreted as an extreme investigation of the female body, taboos of Ukrainian sexuality and the limits of feminist representation.

During these two months in Kosice, she focused on her feelings and the process of change in mindset, bodies activity and creativity skills, inherent in any involvement in a A.I.R program. Her exhibition “everyday records, significant degradation” traces in a form of photo series, installation of household items, her mood swings, from reduced adaptive capacity concept to reluctance to commit willful effort.

Beside the work itself, she turned ex-nihilo the basement of TabackaKultur Fabrik into a gallery, with a keen sense of space, light and esthetic. This work is the first step of the development of this future exhibition venue in Kosice.