A.I.R. Tokyo, Japan

Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo and K.A.I.R – Košice Artist in Residence exchange program


Host organisations

Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo

K.A.I.R.–Košice Artist in Residence

Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo

Youkobo Art Space, located in Tokyo as a capital of Japan, will welcome to host an emerging artists from East Slovakia, in the memorial year of Košice as European Capital of Culture 2013.

Located in a tranquil residential suburb in central Tokyo, Youkobo Art Space consists of a gallery, artist studios, and comfortable accommodation. Youkobo Art Space’s primary objective is to support and enhance the creativity of artists by offering opportunities for artistic investigation on urban issues in a contemporary Japanese setting. Its various programs are committed to providing the local community with creative stimulus by promoting cultural exchange between international artists and local citizens.

Youkobo Art Space
Youkobo Art Space
Zempukuj Park
Zempukuj Park

Artist in Residence

Art is essential to society, providing people with time to reflect on and make new discoveries in their daily lives. Through autonomous activities, Youkobo Art Space links the regional and the international, traditional culture and contemporary art, and such elements that appear to be in different directions. We generate situations and exchanges with a natural openness to and recognition in such diversities. With the objective of supporting creative expressions of artists who earnestly work, we will continue carrying out our art programs as a member of local community.

Studio n.2
Studio n.2


We aim to demonstrates the importance and the vital role of art in society, by being a flexible and supportive space for artists


  • Supporting artists who have a genuine commitment to their practice (AIR program and gallery program)
  • Encouraging dialogue and mutual understanding between overseas, local artists and residents, and building a society more open to diversity (artist talk and events)
  • Building strong networks with other AIR centers and art spaces in order to increase accessibility to and promote a greater appreciation of art (Res Artis, AIR-J, etc.)
  • Developing a range of art activities that play a normalizing role where art is recognized as essential to society

Youkobo Art Space– FACTS

What we provide

  • Three month residency in Tokyo, Japan from January to March 2013
  • Free accommodation near the city centre (full furnished with kitchen, no room service)
  • Honorary, travelling and material costs

What we demand

  • We search for emerging East Slovakian artist, who is open for collaborations with local artists
  • Individual artist, no duos of groups
  • Preferably visual artist
  • One presentation during the residency and final project/exhibition at the end
  • Compulsory attendance

Definition of “East Slovakian Artist”

  • a person who was born in the East Slovakia region or lived/lives there or studied/studies there. Please mention this in the application.


  • a person who has a significant interest in the East Slovakia region or deals with the region in his/her artistic expression. In such a case the applicant has to describe these aspects in the application.


  • PDF n°1: Curriculum Vitae – Please send a short CV including your name, address, phone, email along with educational and exhibition background
  • PDF n°2: Letter of motivation and objectives – Briefly describe your motivation to come to Tokyo and first ideas of projects you would like to realise
  • PDF n°2: portfolio with artist`s statement
  • All material must be in English language
  • Deadline: 25 October 2012, via Email to adela.foldynova@kosice2013.sk