A.I.R. Kharkov, Ukraine

Host organisations

Kharkov city art gallery (www.mgallery.kharkov.ua)
K.A.I.R. and Košice 2013 – European Capital of Culture (www.kosice2013.sk)


Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine with a population of 1.5 Mio people. The city was founded in the 17th century. Today, Kharkov is one of the most important scientific and cultural centre of the country as well as a students´ centre with more than 150.000 students; including 9.000 foreign students from 90 countries. Kharkov is a city with rich cultural tradition, six major theatres, a large number of museums, concert halls and galleries. The city has a dozen libraries with more than 6.5 million books.

Kharkov City Art Gallery

The Kharkov City Art Gallery, one of the first galleries in Ukraine that has the municipal status, was founded in 1996 and since 1997 a member of the Association of Art-Galleries of Ukraine. Primary task of the gallery is the popularization of contemporary art from Kharkov, Ukraine and from abroad. The gallery is the most important centre for contemporary art in Kharkov and well know beyond the borders of the city. Over the last 15 years, the gallery organized about 400 exhibitions, curatorial projects and art actions in the gallery as well as in the public space; including international solo and group exhibitions from artists from Austria, Great Britain, Germany, France, USA, Poland, Russia, Moldova, Israel and Armenia.

In addition to the exhibitions, more than 200 cultural actions took place in the gallery: performances, concerts, chamber plays, literature evenings, lectures, master-classes, designer’s fashion show etc. Every second year, the gallery is organizing “Non Stop Media”, the biennale of young and contemporary art in Kharkov and Ukraine.

At the Disposal of the Gallery, there is a secular (standing) hall with around 120 m² exposition areas with modern interior and professional equipment.


The residency is part of the EU Tandem project, a cultural exchange programme to create lines of cooperation between EU and non-EU countries. The results of the residency will be shown in an international art and culture festival in May 2012. www.ecflabs.org/tandem


What we provide

  • Two month residency in Kharkov, Ukraine in the first months of 2012
  • Free accommodation (full furnished with kitchen, no room service)
  • Honorary: 500 € per month (altogether: 1.000 €) and travelling costs
  • Material costs up to 500 €
  • The artist is responsible for his/her health insurance

What we demand

  • Košice /East Slovakia based artist, who are open to collaborate with local artists
  • Presentation during the residency, afterwards in Kosice and at the Tandem festival
  • Compulsory attendance


  • Curriculum Vitae – Please send a short CV including your name, address, phone, email along with educational and exhibition background
  • Letter of motivation and objectives – Briefly describe your motivation to go to Kharkov
  • Examples of current works with artist`s statement (file format: GIF, JPG or TIFF)
  • Deadline: 20th November 2011


Please send your applications to the following address:

  • K.A.I.R. Management: Ludwig Henne – ludwig.henne@kosice2013.sk / 094 9 77 5 001
  • Address: Košice 2013 – European Capital of Culture, Kasarne Kulturpark, Kukucinova 2, 04001 Košice, Slovakia
  • Internet: www.kosice2013.sk