A.I.R. Chisinau, Moldova

CHIOSC artist-in-residence program in Chisinau, Moldova

Host organisations

Kosice 2013 / K.A.I.R. Kosice artist in residence (kair.sk)

Moldova Young Artists Association Oberliht (oberliht.com)

Moldova Young Artists Association Oberliht is a non-governmental, voluntary, non-profit and politically non-affiliated society that has its goal the public benefit. Oberliht Association aims to grant support to young artists from Moldova by establishing platforms that allow interested artists, curators and cultural workers to initiate and carry out contemporary art projects with young artists’ participation (workshops, exhibitions etc.), thus addressing their needs, but also addressing different issues like public space, built environment, community art projects, networking and others, through visual arts but also through other artistic disciplines like literature, multimedia, performance, architecture etc.

Through our projects we try to establish an interface between local and international art scenes, trying to connect them both in a more coherent way.


  • Organization of different types of projects and events (exhibitions, residencies, workshops etc.)
  • Collaboration, networking and distribution of information
  • Initiation of editing and publishing activities
  • Promotion of the young artists’ activities

KIOSK artist and curator in residency program

Unlike ready-made exhibitions and projects that circulate worldwide, the KIOSK AIR program encourages creation of new work in relation to local contexts and realities. It offers the opportunity to explore various issues that relate to Moldova’s situation in general and to analyze the processes that shape Chisinau’s public space today. The program is structured in a collaborative manner in which the Oberliht association plays the role of local host for invited artists, curators, architects and other professionals, while the city as a whole, substituting for the studio, serves as place of research, for producing and exhibiting. Besides FLAT SPACE, which remains at the disposal of new residents, inviting them to ‘finish’ its unfinished form, the residents use a series of other locations during their stay, ranging from market places, stadiums and parks through universities and other public institutions and places.

The research phase of KIOSK AIR includes walking tours, visits to different organizations and initiatives in Chisinau, discussions and documentation, while the production phase usually leads to the creation of new works. Depending on the type of work carried out by the participants the program also includes such modules as workshops, seminars, public presentations and screenings.


What we provide

  • Three month residency in Chisinau, Moldova from April till June 2012
  • Free accommodation (full furnished with kitchen, no room service)
  • Honorary: 500 € per month and travelling costs
  • Material costs up to 500 €

What we demand

  • Košice/East Slovakia based artist, who are open to collaborate with local artists
  • Presentation during the residency and afterwards in Kosice
  • Compulsory attendance


  • Curriculum Vitae – Please send a short CV including your name, address, phone, email along with educational and exhibition background
  • Letter of motivation and objectives – Briefly describe your motivation to work in Chisinau
  • Examples of current works with artist`s statement (file format: GIF, JPG or TIFF)
  • Deadline: 15th January 2011


Please send your applications to the following address:

  • K.A.I.R. Management: Ludwig Henne – ludwig.henne@kosice2013.sk / 094 9 77 5 001
  • Address: Košice 2013 – European Capital of Culture, Kasarne Kulturpark, Kukucinova 2, 04001 Košice, Slovakia
  • Internet: www.kair.sk